APSE is a national and state membership organization formed to focus exclusively on improving and expanding integrated employment opportunities, services, and outcomes for people with disabilities.

Membership has been said to be“a must for anyone interested in ensuring that persons with disabilities get real work with real pay.  APSE provides evidence-based employment research, cutting-edge training conferences, and a place where advocates from all walks of life can get together to discuss employment issues."  (Paul Wehman, Ph.D., Professor of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Special Education, VCU)

What we do:

·      Promote productive, fulfilling, integrated community-based employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

·      Advocate for the use of “evidence-based practices” in the delivery of supported employment and customized employment services.

·      Educate the state legislature and local policy makers regarding issues that impact supported employment services.

·      Provide advocacy and training opportunities for supported employment professionals, organizations, employers and individuals receiving supported employment services.

·      Collaborate and partner with organizations and individuals who share our mission and values.